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Boogie 14

Our Friend's Farm Tallarook, VIC | 2 -4 April, 2021



Boogie has sold out and I want to sell my wristband.
Warning: Please beware of scammers selling tickets to Boogie.
Boogie is SOLD OUT.
Beware the risks of buying tickets from unauthorised resellers or scammers selling fake tickets.
The only way to ensure your Boogie ticket is genuine is by purchasing it from the official ticketing agent Oztix.
Neither Boogie nor Oztix can accept responsibility for issues that arise as result of ticket purchases from private sale. We cannot verify the authenticity of tickets purchased via any channel other than the Oztix ticketing system.

If you choose to sell your wristband the name cannot be changed.

Are my 2020 tickets valid for 2021 and how do i get refund?
Yes, they are. The refund window is now closed.

I've changed my address / moved to a new house since I purchased, how do I get my ticket.
Wristbands were sent out Thursday 18 March via registered post.
The email connected to your Oztix account should have received an email notifying you of the Tracking ID.

If you have moved, we will need to verify your account and cancel the wristband and re-issue you with an E Ticket which will be scanned at the main gate.  Please contact Oztix info@oztix.com.au or by phone on 1300 762 545 as they need you to answer some questions to verify you as the Oztix account owner BEFORE Wednesday 31 March.

I have note received my wristband in the post, what do I do?
Please contact Oztix BEFORE Wednesday 31 March 5pm AEDT via info@oztix.com.au or by phone on 1300 762 545.

Are you selling day passes?
There is only one ticket type, which covers all three days of Boogie. There are no day passes.


We are arriving in a minibus or coach. Can our driver drop and collect us from the camp site?
No one without a ticket can get onto the site. The Drop off point is the box office.
If Boogie has a spare shuttle available when you arrive, we will do our best to drop you and your luggage to or near to your camp site. Please note this is a strictly limited and Non guarantee service.

I am dropping off/picking up people, is there a designated area for this?
You can drop people off at the main gate area.

I have a camper van with a gas bottle attached.
If it’s built in it can come in but cannot be used. If it’s not, Boogie has a system where we can store it for the duration of the event. Just head to the box office when you enter, give them the gas bottle. The staff member will attach your name to it, and you can pick it up on the way out!

What amenities and services are provided by Boogie?

All entertainment, camping areas, fire and water, showers and toilets.

How do I get to Boogie?
Please see the Getting There section of this website.

What if I want to come by car?
We are pleased to confirm that the Treecreds gang will be greeting you at the Boogie gates for one last Boogie time on Good Friday. Car-passes to offset your vehicle emissions will be available for the same Boogie price of $10 so please bring cash for easy exchange.The team will also be handing out rubbish and recycling bags and the Boogie program. Look out for the people in the green t-shirts.

What do I need to pay for at Boogie?
Food, drinks & showers.

Can I buy ice at Boogie?
Yes, at the Boogieliner (The silver shiny caravan).

Can I bring my own alcohol to Boogie?
Yes, but no glass please. BYO alcohol is not permitted inside the licensed area, and will only be able to be consumed in the designated areas. You will also find that the Boogie bars have excellent drinks at reasonable prices. Our licensing precludes us from selling alcohol from the bars after 1am Friday and Saturday, and 11pm Sunday, so make sure you BYO if you want to drink after that.

Can I bring my kids to Boogie?
Yes, but their supervision is your responsibility. Kids under 8 years will be admitted for free. Kids between 8 and 16 years will be charged a reduced ticket price. Please make sure your children are supervised and leave the licensed area before 10pm. This is a condition of our license. There is no créche but there will be some daytime activities for kids.

Once I am onsite can I leave?
Yes you can, your wristbands act as a pass out through out the event. Please note there is a strict NO Driving after dark rule. If you need to leave site, for safety reasons we ask you NOT to camp with your car.

Can I camp near my car?
Yes, but for the safety of all patrons we request that you DO NOT move your vehicle once it’s parked.

Can I come in a motorhome or caravan?
Yes, motorhomes and caravans are welcome and can be accommodated in certain areas, but please note there are NO powered sites available.

Can i have a market stall?
We don't have a market at Boogie, so unfortunately can't accommodate market stalls.

Can i get a day ticket only?
There is only one ticket type, which covers all three days of Boogie. There are no day passes.

Can I bring pets to Boogie?

Can I volunteer for Boogie?
Volunteer applications are now closed. Everyone who has applied has either been confirmed or added to the waiting list. Rosters, the handbook and wristband info being sent very soon! If you have a question about a current volunteer spot or waiting list spot only, please email us HERE.

Will there be an ATM available at Boogie?
No. There is a credit card/eftpos machine on site to purchase Boogie Bucks, but this DOES NOT give out cash.

What else can I buy at Boogie?
Essential supplies like chewy, chocky, toothbrushes and souvenirs can be purchased from the merch shop inside the licensed area. Please note you need to exchange cash for Boogie Bucks for all transactions.

Do locals get a discount?
No, but please show your license or other proof of local residence and we will waive the carpass fee.

Can I get press accreditation for Boogie?
Boogie is a small festival and we don’t have the resources or necessity for press or camera passes. Of course you are welcome to buy a ticket if you would like to attend. We like to keep our special world to our beloved ticket buyers and supporters a little bit removed from the glaring public eye. We prefer personal physical on-site discovery and are not seeking further public exposure at this time. Boogie seems to find its own voice and audience without such formal accreditations. However, anyone is welcome to cover the event as a ticket holder. Please note we do not have any VIP or restricted access areas at Boogie.

Can my band play Boogie?
We do not have a formal application process, as we pride ourselves on being out there in the soup tasting the flavours of the time. We do look at almost everything that comes through, but please be aware we have a vision for what and who we are looking for and generally these acts don't come from submissions. There is no need to follow up later or continue to send information. We will make contact with you if we have any interest. Good luck with all you do.

I have a general question about Boogie, who should I ask?
Have a good read through the above and our INFO page, and if you can't find the answer you're looking for, please send any general enquiries to shakeitloosetogether@boogie.net.au. Your email will be forwarded to the relevant Boogie team member who will respond in due course.

Can I cater at Boogie?
Boogie already has caterers booked, however if you get in touch, your email will be forwarded to the relevant person who will contact you if they are interested.

Can I Boogie at Boogie?