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Boogie 2020

Shared experiences on communal grounds surely leave more than footprints on the top soil. They go beyond and deep. You can feel it when you enter under the Camp Boogie sign. As you turn into the grounds of Our Friend’s Farm to find your home camp for the best weekend of the year. Your mind sparkles and shines as it mingles with your being and rockets you to your happy place. It’s spiritual. It’s metaphysical. It’s Boogie. The fourteenth installment. The final incarnation in Tallarook. The last waltz in the dust. And what a dance it will be.

We are offering 4 types of tickets during the course of our pre Boogie journey this year.

First up, the BOOGIE BELIEVER. On sale from Tuesday December 17 at 10am this ticket is not only discounted from previous year's prices, it also includes access to a Boogie launch party in inner city Melbourne in mid to late January where limited free drinks and snacks and a sampling of entertainment will be on offer, Boogie style! On sale until New Year’s Day or until sold out. BOOGIE BELIEVER TICKETS ALL SOLD OUT!

From New Year’s Day (or earlier if BOOGIE BELIEVER allocation sells out) until a month out from Boogie, or until sold out, we enter the SECOND RELEASE phase. Price is increased but savings from previous years are still to be made. SECOND RELEASE ON SALE NOW!

From mid March (or earlier if SECOND RELEASE allocation sells out) the FINAL RELEASE takes hold. It’s the most expensive ticket, and it’s for those who can’t quite get it together earlier. It ain’t that much more though. Boogie is worth every cent.

Available all through the process are the BOOGIE YOUTH tickets. All children 8 years and over, and younger than 16, are required to buy a ticket. Kids under 8 are free.

Our first announcement of bands and other happenings will take place mid January. Rest assured we are cooking up very special things.

Tickets are on sale now!

See you in April. Talk to you before then.



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Boogie 14

10 - 12 April, 2020

Getting There


6 reason to take the trains:

1. Help the Environment by reducing carbon emissions
2. Save $$ not spent on petrol and the hefty parking fee!
3. No need to worry about breath testing on the way home!
4. Much quicker and more relaxing than trying to drive through the city and the desolation and madness of the Hume, Citylink, and all that ugliness!
5. A much better festival experience is created by having a car free site, more room for camping and general carrying on, more open space, and the green open expanses are not clogged up by hundreds of ugly cars
6. No long queues getting in and out of the site


For those catching the train, we offer free shuttles to and from Tallarook station. it is a lovely 10 minute bike ride or 5 minute shuttle bus to Boogie. The Free shuttle bus will collect you from the Tallarook Pub, across the road from the station and will coincide with the service arrivals on Friday 10 April between 12pm - 4pm. The very same shuttles will get you back to the station from Boogie on Monday 13 April between 10am - 11.30am.

Please note: Shuttles run a Very limited service outside of these times. Shuttle services during Boogie are dependent on either prior booking via shakeitloosetogether@boogie.net.au or via enquiry at the Site office during Boogie.


IInstructions to get to Boogie from Melbourne:
1. Get on the Hume Hwy and head north
2. Once you pass the Broadford exit, look out for Tallarook exit
3. Take the Tallarook exit and follow it through Tallarook town
4. Go past the Tallarook pub and turn left under the Freeway
5. Turn left onto Tallarook-Pyalong Road
6. Two kilometers down this road, and over the rise on the right, you will find Our Friends Farm ... the home of BOOGIE.

There will be signs from Tallarook to Boogie. You can't miss it. We strongly encourage everyone to leave the car at home and take the train to BOOGIE if possible. We urge you to make every effort to help us with this.


There will be a voluntary $10 parking/carbon offset fee per vehicle entering site, which will be managed by Treecreds. This fee will be collected upon arrival, and each carpass will offset 250kg of CO2, ensuring a truly 'carbon negative' Boogie.

This fee goes directly to the purchase of accredited "greenhouse friendly" carbon offsets derived from forest saving projects right here in Australia. We also ask you to co-operate with our treecreds volunteers who are conducting a very quick survey so we can accurately assess the festival's carbon footprints.

To find out more about Treecreds please ask at the event office or visit treecreds.com.