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Boogie 14

Our Friend's Farm Tallarook, VIC | 10 - 12 April, 2020


Shared experiences on communal grounds surely leave more than footprints on the topsoil. They go beyond and deep. You can feel them as you enter under the Camp Boogie sign. When you turn into the grounds of Our Friend’s Farm and locate your home camp for the best weekend of the year. Your mind sparkles and soul shines as they mingle with your being, beaming you into your happy place with a tingling sensation. It’s spiritual. It’s metaphysical. It’s Boogie. The fourteenth instalment. The final incarnation in Tallarook. The last waltz in the dust. And what a dance it will be.

Read on for the first swag of bands that are sure to shape your treasured Boogie 14 musical memories. We have new friends, old friends and a whole lot more to come before we hit Easter.

POND * CASH SAVAGE AND THE LAST DRINKS * TWIN PEAKS * ENDLESS BOOGIE * EVEN * GRACE CUMMINGS AND BAND * KARATE BOOGALOO * HAYLEY MARY * MR TEENAGE * THE VOVOS * IMPERIUM plus stacks more - DJs, entertainment, food & booze and a bunch of other awesomeness - to still be announced.

Tickets available right HERE right now.


For all ticketing FAQs, please see the FAQs page.


Boogie is a boutique camping festival committed to providing diversity in music, arts, booze and food. We care about the environment and each other, and you...a lot. Our site is a very special place that allows us to present our magic to our people. The site has great facilities as well as an old school club house that has to be seen, and boogied in, to believe.


The gates swing open at 12pm on Friday April 10, and you will be required to leave by noon on Monday April 13.... no kidding. The licensed area opens at 2pm, then entertainment kicks off around 5pm on Friday, and finishes at 11pm on Sunday night. The Boogie bars will be serving fine and delicious alcoholic beverages of all styles at excellently reasonable prices from 4pm to closing time on Friday and from 9am till close on Saturday and Sunday. Our glorious food vendors will be serving throughout, including breakfast on Monday morning to give you the goods to get you back on the road.


Weather at Tallarook is extremely unpredictable so be prepared for all possibilities. It can be raining in Melbourne and sunny in Tallarook. As we are up in the foothills of the ranges it can get very cold, especially at night. The site is also subject to high winds. You can also make regular weather checks at: http://www.eldersweather.com.au/vic/north-central/tallarook


6 reason to take the trains:

1. Help the Environment by reducing carbon emissions
2. Save $$ not spent on petrol and the hefty parking fee!
3. No need to worry about breath testing on the way home!
4. Much quicker and more relaxing than trying to drive through the city and the desolation and madness of the Hume, Citylink, and all that ugliness!
5. A much better festival experience is created by having a car free site, more room for camping and general carrying on, more open space, and the green open expanses are not clogged up by hundreds of ugly cars
6. No long queues getting in and out of the site


For those catching the train, we offer free shuttles to and from Tallarook station. it is a lovely 10 minute bike ride or 5 minute shuttle bus to Boogie. The Free shuttle bus will collect you from the Tallarook Pub, across the road from the station and will coincide with the service arrivals on Friday April 10 between 12pm - 4pm. The very same shuttles will get you back to the station from Boogie on Monday April 13, 10am - 11.30am.

Please note: Shuttles run a VERY LIMITED service outside of these times. Shuttle services during Boogie are not guaranteed and are totally dependent on either prior booking via shakeitloosetogether@boogie.net.au or via enquiry at the Site office during Boogie.


Instructions to get to Boogie from Melbourne:
1. Get on the Hume Hwy and head north
2. Once you pass the Broadford exit, look out for Tallarook exit
3. Take the Tallarook exit and follow it through Tallarook town
4. Go past the Tallarook pub and turn left under the Freeway
5. Turn left onto Tallarook-Pyalong Road
6. Two kilometers down this road, and over the rise on the right, you will find Our Friends Farm ...the home of BOOGIE. There will be signs from Tallarook to Boogie. You can't miss it. We strongly encourage everyone to leave the car at home and take the train to BOOGIE if possible.

This is voluntary, but for those traveling in cars, we encourage you to purchase a $10 carbon offset car pass from our friends at Treecreds on arrival. All money from this initiative goes to a carbon offset managed by Treecreds and goes directly to the purchase of accredited "greenhouse friendly" carbon offsets derived from forest saving projects right here in Australia. To find out more about Treecreds please visit:


There is a strict NO Driving on site after dark policy! If you arrive after dark and wish to camp with your car, you are required to camp at top camp, near the entry gates. You will NOT be able to drive to a campsite. NO EXCEPTIONS.

If you need to leave site at night, then drive your car up to the top car park near the gate during daylight hours. Please do not move your vehicle after parking until it's time to leave!


When buying food, drinks, supplies or souvenirs at Boogie, you will be required to use Boogie Bucks. Boogie Bucks can be purchased at the Boogie info station with Australian dollars in cash or via eftpos or credit card. There will also be an "express" cash only exchange set up for Friday night only to reduce any queues.


This is one of the Boogie info points (The Site office is the other!) and is situated directly outside the licensed area. You can exchange cash for Boogie Bucks for all transactions and purchase ice from here. After 1am for any enquiries or emergencies please go to the Site Office or First Aid /security point (also outside the licensed Area).


Directly opposite the Mudcat Bar, is where you can purchase all your Boogie Merch, as well as essential supplies like chewy, chocky, toothbrush, panadols etc.


This is a camping festival! There are plenty of camping areas, toilets and drinking water. There are three camping areas, one with cars and another under trees. If you camp on the oval, you will need to park in the designated carpark and carry your camping gear a short distance. The "damcamp" is a large area where you can camp with your vehicle, and is a little further from the entertainment areas. Please note there are NO powered sites available.


There are ample toilets located in the licensed and camping areas at Boogie. There are outdoor showers located near the oval. There is a $5 charge per shower to cover water and gas costs. Don't forget your towel! There will be water stations at key points too. This year we will be selling bottled water in biodegradable bottles. There will be ice for sale.


Please show evidence of your local address and we will waive the carpass fee for all local punters.


We pride ourselves on offering outstanding meals and snacks throughout the event to enhance your Boogie experience. The Boogie food outlets will be open all day in the licensed area from 8am till late so you can eat whenever you like. We will also have a mobile food facility to cover the late night revellers getting down by the fire. Stay tuned for this years line-up of Boogie bites.


Boogie is about the best in booze! Our Friend's Farm will be providing excellent beverages, quality tap beer, mixed drinks and superb cocktails including our signature legacy libation "The Bruzzy".


Yes, but no glass please. Boogie is a BYO Festival, however BYO alcohol is NOT permitted inside the licensed area and will only be able to be consumed in the designated areas. Our licensing precludes us from selling alcohol from the bars after 1am on Friday and Saturday and 11pm on Sunday, so make sure you BYO if you want to drink after that.


If you are bringing your own, we have a strict NO GLASS and NO KEGS policy. We do ask you to help us with this, and we need your co-operation to help us adhere to licensing and safety considerations. Our Friends Farm is a working sheep station and glass is not good for sheep or tyres or feet! Please de-canter any beverages from glass into plastic bottles before you arrive, due to the amount of glass left last year we will unfortunately be doing spot checks on cars.


Please be aware that all entertainment takes place within the licensed area which includes the main stage, bars, DJ hut, clubhouse and all food outlets. You will not be able to bring BYO alcohol into this area. However we believe our drink prices are very reasonable and you will be content to sup from our well stocked bars. PLEASE DO NOT take drinks bought at the bar outside the licensed area. Again, this is a condition of our license.


BOOGIE POTS are re-useable, so please don't throw them in the bin! PLEASE do not take out of the licensed area, and PLEASE DON'T take them home with you (this will help keep ticket prices down)! We do appreciate your help here in keeping the Boogie site clean and keeping the carnival wheels rolling!


We have the very loose late night HILLYBILLY HOEDOWN for all the late night action to keep the party rolling once the music stage has shut down. Get set to get down into the wee hours with our trusty DJs and surprises. More info in the program. The area will be open from when the main stage area closes until 3 am.


Small Boogie children are welcome however this is really a weekend for big Boogie children! So please make sure yours are fully supervised at all times. Kiddies will need to dance to the rhythm of their Boogie mamas and papas! Please note that our licensing conditions are very strict and all children need to be out of the licensed area (and in bed!) by 10 pm. Kids under 8 years will be admitted for free. Kids between 8 and 16 years will be charged a reduced ticket price. There is no crèche but there will be some activities for kids and a chill out kid friendly area beside the Merch shop.


Torch, sleeping bag, pillow, toothbrush, hat, raincoat, warm clothes, sunscreen. BYO tent, Tipi or Swag. As we all know the Aussie lands are subject to large fluctuations in temperature so PLEASE come prepared for all weather conditions including extreme cold, rain and/or intense sun and heat... and don't forget to bring something special for getting down in! The last few years have been very, very cold at night.... PLEASE BRING WARM CLOTHES.... BEANIES, SCARVES, GLOVES.


Boogie is committed to reducing our environmental footprint as far as possible so we reduce, compost and recycle our waste output as much as possible. Please assist by disposing your rubbish in the appropriate bins. When heading home, we ask you to bring all your waste from the campground to the waste stations, of which the main one will be above the oval. Or better still take it home with you!

There are 3 waste streams we ask you to separate into:

1. RECYCLING: plastic, cardboard, cans etc (no glass on site, right?!)

What's not recyclable:
Makeup removers / face wipes / babywipes
Red party cups
Wrapped food waste
Cigarette pouches / boxes
Foiled line packaging/ chip packets
Full bottles / containers
Disposable coffee cups

2. ORGANICS: go into the Boogie worm farm - No animal products, citrus or onions please!

3. LANDFILL: everything else, which gets entombed for 1000 years, with your help there will not be much of this!

You can help by reducing your campsites footprint in four easy steps:

Reduce – Bring only what you need whilst avoiding excessively packaged and single use products. OR, why not remove extra plastic packaging before you pack and put it in the bin at home and avoid buying pre-bottled water. There are ample water refill points at BOOGIE, BYO bottle and simply refill.

Segregate – Please keep your recycling separate. At camp, put empty recyclables in the white bags provided for collection each day. Just plastic, cardboard and cans.

Contain - Try and maintain awareness that your camp is an outdoor space. Be vigilant with keeping your waste contained so it doesn’t become litter.

Disposal – Don’t let your efforts go to waste, on Monday after checking your campsite for litter, dispose of your waste properly. Take your rubbish with you and deposit only your recycling at the collection points.

Also please don’t leave your clothes, broken tents, chairs and other camp gear in the paddock, if you brought it in we ask you to take it with you.br />
Ditch pre-bottled water today! Plan ahead for BOOGIE this year as the perfect place to start a personal revolution and commit to not buying pre bottled water or pre-filled water containers. BYO bottle and Simply REFILL, REFILL AND KEEP REFILLING!!!

We appreciate the efforts each of you make each year. Thanks in advance for all your support and help in making Boogie 13 the cleanest of the clean, the greenest of the green!


There are no fires and no naked flames allowed. Regardless of how green the site looks we only have permits for fires attended to and monitored by the CFA. Sorry folks, no barbeques or gas bottles, however the famous Boogie fire will be alive and well all weekend. We ask you to leave the fire to us for safety reasons and the local volunteer fire service will be there to keep an eye on things.




Want to lend a helping hand to keep the Boogie wheels a'turning! Applications now open until Friday 27 March, apply HERE. Got a question about volunteering? Email us HERE.


There is a phone charging station set up at the Event Office that's free for all to use.


Boogie is a small festival and we don’t have the resources or necessity for press or camera passes. Of course, you are welcome to buy a ticket if you would like to attend. We like to keep our special world to our beloved ticket buyers and supporters a little bit removed from the glaring public eye. We prefer personal physical on-site discovery and are not seeking further public exposure at this time. Boogie seems to find its own voice and audience without such formal accreditations. However, anyone is welcome to cover the event as a ticket holder. Please note we do not have any VIP or restricted access areas at Boogie.


We do not have a formal application process, as we pride ourselves on being out there in the soup tasting the flavours of the time. We do look at almost everything that comes through, but please be aware we have a vision for what and who we are looking for and generally these acts don't come from submissions. There is no need to follow up later or continue to send information. We will make contact with you if we have any interest. Good luck with all you do.


Have a good read through the above and our FAQs page, and if you can't find the answer you're looking for, please send any general enquiries to shakeitloosetogether@boogie.net.au. Your email will be forwarded to the relevant Boogie team member who will respond in due course.


Boogie already has caterers booked, however if you do drop us a line, your email will be forwarded to the relevant person who will contact you if interested.