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Boogie 13

Our Friend's Farm Tallarook, VIC | 19 - 21 April, 2019

Line Up

The first rays of light on Boogie's new dawn ...


Download the Boogie 13 Playing Times HERE.

KURT VILE & THE VIOLATORS. Arguably one of the most profound and humble artists to surface in the past decade. The wise, laconic jive-talkin’ guitar god and Philly native has clocked some serious miles since his first release went gang-busters three years ago. So between stages, highways, studios and airplanes, it’s taken some time for him to grant us his latest release. Bottle It In echoes where he’s been and who he’s been with - all laced in the swagger of time, distance and lived experience – written and recorded here, there and everywhere and converging in some seriously meandering monster jams.

After blasting their way through hundreds of shows off the back of their first release, time on the road has made NATHANIEL RATELIFF & THE NIGHT SWEATS looser, louder and an even tighter and more vigorous music machine. And Tearing at the Seams shows us exactly how far they’ve travelled. Whilst grounded in old-school soul and R&B, what sorcery this is! It’s far too urgent for any retro or revivalist tags and comes with a badass rating of 11 out of 10. This band delivers emotional-collectively-created jams that leave you feeling like music really can save us. This band is something to behold.

MAGIC DIRT - seminal much?! The female-fronted 90s alt-rock band has an alchemy that's the stuff of legend. Formed out of the dust and noise of industrial Geelong, they soundtracked the coming-of-age of a generation. When the band blew up, they packed out pubs, supported the most iconic international grunge bands of our time and their 2nd EP stayed at number one for a staggering 75 weeks! Their legacy is enduring and pivotal in any telling of Australia's rock history and they’re hyped to be hitting the road again. Magic Dirt will be turning it up loud and that's just the way we like it!

In their third appearance on the Boogie stage, BAD//DREEMS will offer up their latest and more refined series of Antipodean rock and roll anthems that build on the powerful sound we’ve heard from them before. Whether capturing the anger, fear and frustration felt by so many of us in a disturbing picture of a modern Australian dystopia or their comments on chauvinism, male violence, religion, heartbreak and modern love, ragged garage guitars underpin a rocksteady groove here under a voice more vivid and visceral than ever.

Get this in ya. Sunny Coast three-piece pub punk band THE CHATS love beer, but they’re still pretty young so their hangovers aren’t that bad. They’re best known for their song “Smoko” and its clip that went unexpectedly viral. Becoming an overnight global phenomenon and support slots on tours with Cosmic Psychos, QOTSA plus a string of international dates, thanks to their sheer Australian-ness – means they’ve barely had a chance to take one themselves. Back home, they’ve still only played a few festivals and it’s all pretty new. But demand is high. They’re taking it all in courtesy of an extensive upcoming headline tour across Oz, as well as a bunch of festival dates to boot, which will have ‘em primed to crack one open by the time they make it down to Boogie town.

Melbourne’s low-fi, slacker-fuzz-pop dream band JADE IMAGINE was destined for greatness from the beginning. Their 2017 release What The Fuck Was I Thinking was a love letter bathed in the glow of 70s surf-music. Their front babe and brains, singer, songwriter and general good vibe bringer Jade McInally has been a stalwart of the indie scene since circa 2004 and in 2015, courtesy of both nudges from friends and her own innate instinct, she knew it was time to be ringleader of her own band of musical-mischief makers once again. Bringing together a super talented band to boot, all so distinct in their style and playing, it’s been a sun-drenched day dream ever since.

LOOSE TOOTH. No strangers to Tallarook,  the band’s members have, over the years, delivered extremely tight and unbelievably awesome sets on the Boogie stage and have variously dropped bangers from the Boogie DJ truck. The much-loved Melbourne three-piece craft sweet guitar-pop with frayed edges and swollen hearts. When life-long friends Etta Curry and Nellie Jackson met in crèche they spent nap time dreaming of creating a heavenly racket. Luc Dawson was drafted in on bass to transform their pop sketches into the sort of songs that stick in your head for days and in this case, all Boogie weekend!

SHOGUN & THE SHEETS is the brand-new band from ex-Royal Headache frontman Shogun. But don’t expect Royal Headache 2.0 though. This new band is a crystallisation and evolution of Shogun as a musician and songwriter. Drawing on his own experiences of addiction, hurt and hope. This is Shogun’s musical aspiration emboldened and sharpened with a band comprised of teenage friends and some of the best musicians they've met along the way; in Shogun’s own words, they’re, “a band who are versatile and play like motherfuckers” providing a new platform for one of the most celebrated voices of underground music in Australia.

Featuring members of Two Steps On The Water, CYANIDE THORNTON are completely spellbinding and oh so mesmerising. The band was founded in early 2016 and has been steadily gaining traction in Melbourne’s alt-rock circuits since.  While incorporating elements of folk and rock, Cyanide Thornton transcends its composite parts, moving into a space of raw emotion and fierce determination. Their music evokes a sense of magical realism, with its lyrics transforming painfully human experiences of love and loss into magical and ethereal moments. It guides you from the dark corners of your mind to somewhere unearthly and even supernatural.

Formerly known as The Mae Trio, THE MAES are good folk, from Melbourne, sisters and songwriters Maggie and Elsie Rigby. Figureheads of Australia’s rich contemporary folk music scene they grew up steeped in music and have been steadily winning hearts across the globe with their startlingly fresh take on the genre ever since. They bring together intricate instrumental arrangements on banjo, fiddle, mandolin and guitar with powerful original songs and breathtaking harmonies. Multi-award winners, their last album was recorded in Nashville and earned them a stack of media praise, accolades and 5-star reviews and they have a new one on the way!

Fearless and unapologetic when it comes to taboo subjects GOONS OF DOOM believe in love and aliens and ghosts and beer and funerals and goth moths and they deliver with Black Skull Bong, their most politically sensitive record to date. These four mad cunts from Sydney’s Northern Beaches (who all moved to Bangalow four years ago to invest in medical marijuana crops) are back and all grown-up, ready to surprise you with songs and poetry in the key of total fucking awesomeness. What else can we tell you about this record? Well, only that your favourite Aussie bands have already heard it and love it.

LEAH SENIOR transfixes audience with the familiar and peculiar, the poetic and the plain. With an otherworldly presence, unique lyricism and dynamics are all over the place; she’s a folk diviner. A dream reviver. Her delicate awe-inspiring, understated sounds and talent take her all about this town and across the seas too. Her last album Pretty Face was solid gold amongst Flightless records’ jewels and she lent her voice to King Gizz’s apocalyptic Murder of The Universe album as the omnipresent female oracle, a folk island in a sea of psychedelia, no less. Expect new music very soon and a spellbinding performance with full band on the Boogie stage. Gonna be real special.

Scott Kannberg aka SPIRAL STAIRS is best know as both a founding member and guitarist in Pavement and the head of Preston School of Industry. It’s been eight years since he released any new music, but you can’t hurry genius – not even the genial, unforced and unpretentious genius that has long been Scott’s forte. What’s for sure is his second album as Spiral Stairs, Doris And The Daggers has been worth the wait. It’s some of the best music Scott’s been involved with, and also some of the most personal and emotional music he’s ever written. His unerring knack for tuneage is as embraceably familiar as a beloved sweater. These songs are full of life, stories engagingly told, and a sense of affection for everything that happens within them.

Though Australian songwriter LAURA IMBRUGLIA has been releasing records since the early naughties, with three squared away and an impressive touring CV, she’s has been quiet on the music front for the last half-decade or so. But now she’s well and truly back in the world of music. The restless musician with broad tastes from folk to throat-tearing punk, dark country, psychedelic rock and everything in between has already put two track off the new record out into the world and the killer backing band she’s assembled to bring these songs to life simply slay. This taste is just glimpse at the awesome to follow on the full album - which will have hit the streets in all its glory by the time Boogie rolls around.

Without a doubt, the seven-piece making the most waves in the Melbourne funk soul music scene right now is FULTON STREET. Their combination of commanding Chaka-meets-Amy vocals, a rock solid rhythm section and dynamic horns, classic elements of soul and R&B and magnetic energy create an irresistible and original sound. Cutting their teeth with a residency at Cherry that was solidly attended for three years running and then their hotly anticipated first album, Problems & Pain, chock full of sass, sensuality and social conscience (and an album launch that was packed to the rafters) it’s any wonder they don’t have time to stop as they hit stages and makes asses move all around the place.

Born out of the ashes of Big Star, arguably the greatest cult band of all time, Memphis local VAN DUREN joined forces with ex-members Chris Bell and Jody Stephens to form a band and become regulars on the Memphis bar circuit. In little time they garnered the attention of Rolling Stones manager, Andrew Loog Oldham who then took on their management in the mid-70s. Van Duren was tipped to be the next Paul McCartney but then faded into obscurity leaving behind only a legacy of setbacks and heartbreak. This is a rare chance to hear the lost music that should have helped define a whole generation.

Indie-pop-folk band THE SMALLGOODS sprouted originally from the verdurous south-western Victorian hinterlands in the late 90s and established themselves quickly in the Warrnambool pub scene. The band of handsome scruffs re-stumped in Melbourne, played to wide-eyed new fans at home and abroad and released a generous handful of critically-touted CDs (yes it was the early 00s). Their crafty knack for song writing and their heavily melodic and harmony-laden sound propelled them into the country’s premier venues and into support slots alongside the best international acts. In 2012 they sadly disbanded, perhaps too heavily bound by their blithe nature to ever come into cooee of their true dangerous potential but now it's time to bear witness to their return.

HEXDEBT is one of the most unprecedented bands in Australia. Since their start from a Brunswick lounge room in early-mid 2016, they made a thundering entrance into Melbourne’s underground music scene. They’ve been a driving force in awesomeness ever since. Renowned for their masterful blend of post-punk, jazz and poetry, they hold the tension between tightly refined technical nous, chaotic discordance and balance between both with ferocious confidence. They nailed it when they executed HEXFEST, a formidable event on how they envision the music scene - safe and welcoming, encouraging and empowering for all and with super rad artists. We can’t get enough of them.

Formed in 2009 CONSTANT MONGREL begun as a two-piece creating immediate and at times improvised songs in an old dishevelled laundry in inner-city Melbourne. Inspired by the more flamboyant side of protopunk such as Electric Eels and Chrome, over the next few years, the band added members building upon their intense sound and developing a unique humour. This not some permanent life support-revival loop for the genre, this punk is now. Consisting of members from Terry, Woollen Kits, Nun and Taco Leg, they have a new release out, Living in Excellence, to add to a swag incredible previous releases.

GRINDING EYES are a quartet that sounds like The Velvet Underground and The Brian Jonestown Massacre got together and had a stoner rock lovechild. Or perhaps like the bastard offspring of Sonic Youth and My Bloody Valentine. Or krautrock, grunge, 60s acid flashback psychedelia, drone rock, ambient garage punk, jazz-master fuelled proto-punk beauty, late 60s Floyd space-rock, a cacophonous loveliness interjected with dense slabs of fuzz-laden power chords punctuated by sheets of Wah noise. Whatever you call them, they’ve played their uniquely dark soundscape shows with swagger and waves of sound like a tower of obsidian black noise with a bunch of notable bands, too many to name here and they’re fucking awesome.

King Bunny is a guitar-wielding, skateboard-riding, nature-loving rabbit with a passion for playing rock 'n' roll ... LOUD. He yearns to bring positive, age-appropriate rock 'n' roll to the younger generation of bunny racketeers and his outfit BUNNY RACKET has seen him lay down tracks deep in the desert at Brant Bjork's Joshua Tree studio, with a studio line up that included Robby Krieger (The Doors) on lead guitar and the legendary Sam Cutler (The Rolling Stones and Grateful Dead Tour Manager) joining with some spoken word. King Bunny likes to travel the open highways in his old van, seeking collabs, sharing inspiration and knowledge and rocking out. No parents allowed.

THE OCEAN PARTY. After eight LPs, a handful of EPs and the better part of a decade worth of national touring, the Melbourne via Wagga Wagga band are calling it quits. After the tragic loss of their brother, friend and bandmate, Zac Denton in late 2018, the band decided that writing new material without him wouldn't feel right and the time had come to end the project. Wanting to finish off the right way, the band are releasing Nothing Grows, an EP of songs written by Zac Denton prior to his passing and completed by the band in early 2019. After a string of Sold Out farewell shows, The Ocean Party's very final performance will be Boogie, their favourite festival and a place with special memories for the band.

You want a word to describe THE SOUL MOVERS? How about electric? Having taken their brand of soul to the USA and back again, they’re releasing their new album Bona Fide - cut in a series of iconic studios including Fame, Muscle Shoals, Royal and Sun Studios – real soon. The band laid down some of the finest grooves you’re likely to hear in 2019, so buckle up cus they're more than just their dance moves and ... The Soul Movers are coming. Oh, did we mention Murray Wiggle is in the band? We did now.

Revered in his homeland of Japan and across the world as a master of the craft of beatboxing, AFRA THE INCREDIBLE HUMAN BEATBOX can produce almost any sound with his voice. He has worked with the likes of Rayzel (The Roots) and Ryuichi Sakamoto and appeared at festivals including Sonar (Spain) and the Big Day Out. As part of the Donuts Disco Deluxe collective who rock block party style DJ parties across Japan, he's also an accomplished DJ. He'll be spinning his positive party vibes at Boogie as well as treating us to a Beatboxing masterclass. We can honestly say the man is Big in Japan, and soon to be even bigger in Tallarook!

GORDON KOANG is a Neur spokesperson and musician hailing from the Upper-Nile region of what is now South Sudan. Accompanied by his cousin Paul Biel, he performs a blend of traditional rhythms and original compositions in English, Arabic and his native language Neur. Recent arrivals in Australia, seeking refuge from a country torn by civil war, Gordon and Paul are attempting to raise funds and awareness in attempt to rejoin the rest of their family and settle safely in Australia. Doing a stack of incredibly well-received gigs in and around Melbourne at the moment, we’re beyond humbled they’re coming to Tallarook for a very special performance.

Drawn to Melbourne by a "heaps good punk scene", DUMB PUNTS released their debut album ‘The Big One’ at the tail end of 2018, a ripper of an album despite them being more of a party band than a studio one. They're at their best ruling roomfuls of people and playing raucous gigs. And Melbourne—which has become a second home for the band—is certainly the place to play wild live shows. The band has been firing through 2019 with the booty-poppin, reckless energy and irreverence they’ve come to be known for. So get your beer hand stretched and oiled for some of the best toe-tappin’ joy goin’ round.

Dim the lights monsieur! Set the table, light the candle! Because it’s dinnertime and BANANAGUN are cooking up! The band has been jamming in the ether for semi-millennia and now the stars have aligned, the current climate calls and the people want to laugh. Love crusaders of the sun, the sun, the golden sun. This is tropical funk through the looking glass with lots of percussion and wobbly, well-intended melodies like what you'd get in a snazzy jazz bar. Bananagun are shouting from the hilltop to fellow peoples of the present, "let us all link up in our minds and ring around the rosie".

The prolific SARAH MARY CHADWICK is bringing her huge and totally hypnotising vibe to Boogie town. She’s the kind of special muso who gets you just there, in that particular spot with all the feels. Her incredible voice and mastery of the keys in all their forms is front and centre on her epic latest release that literally just dropped. Recorded live at the Melbourne Town Hall it features the 147-year old grand organ, her undeniably trademark writing style and songs punctuated by quieter points of intimacy. Her command of the grand organ is testament to her musicality – the sheer size of the instrument could so easily drown out the nuances of an artist’s song writing – but not Sarah’s.

Plus our first acts announced for the Boogie Clubhouse ...

The fact that JAMES ELLIS & THE JEALOUS GUYS is made up of majestic members of Big Smoke, The Bitter Sweethearts and The Hello Morning says it all and is a pretty good indication of why this Melbourne Country band's effortless slow-rolling swagger is so damn good. And just when you thought they couldn't get any better, miraculously, every edit features a rotating line-up of all-star guests. They're set to play some mighty fine sets in the Boogie clubhouse.

ROADHOUSES are a sedated rock trio, playing codeine tempo anti-romance songs. They formed late in 2014 in Sydney, and after only a handful of shows, they met up in New York to record their debut album with Nicolas Vernhes at Rare Book Room (The War on Drugs, Deerhunter). Recorded in just three days, the album is a time capsule of past loves, losses and renewal. In an age of instant gratification, experience a Roadhouses show to slow your heartbeat and immerse it in bruised romanticism.

HYPNO SEX RAY PLAY THE CRAMPS. The Cramps were like no other band. Distilling a uniquely mutant strain of stripped-down rock and roll, they began in the spring of 1976 in NYC, in a petri dish of Sun Record 45s, while the jackhammer rhythms of punk were proliferating. Fusing the ancient curse of mankind’s desire with the most primal of all rhythmic impulses, rockabilly, they charged it with the holy spirits of surf and psychedelia. If you have ever seen Hypno Sex Ray you will have had the revelation that everything you have ever done in your life, has led you back to The Cramps. If you haven’t your time to feel the burnin' lure of that kissy puddin’ is at Boogie, or get twice your money back.

Folks have found themselves fascinated by the voice of GRACE CUMMINGS. And what’s not to be riveted by? She sings simple, honest songs with a powerful recklessness that's completely engrossing. With a refreshing style that comes in equal parts unique and classic, she seamlessly ducks, weaves, walks and wakes through folk, country, soul and good old rock and roll. Accompanied by her acoustic guitar, Cummings exudes a natural authority without a shiny veneer. She sings for the sake of the song, and sure is something to hear. One of the most exhilarating musicians going around right now, she'll leave all the Boogie faithful wanting more.

Born and raised in the monotony and limited opportunity of the big city lights, Queef Urban dreamed of escaping to the fast-paced excitement of small town living. Dreaming of moderate success as a back-up singer, but always getting too many big breaks, Queef finally resigned herself to the idea she would always be the star of the show. This year, that star is coming to Boogie! Tallarook’s newest and most slapdash Drag Queen, Queef Urban (Jim Lawrie), is bringing her sultry stylings to the clubhouse stage. In her debut reveal, QUEEF URBAN'S FAKED HITS will be in your face and larger than life as she strums and sings her way through all her favourite female artists. Drag yourself on up and join her to sing harmonies like the diva you were born to be!

SPIKE THE RIVER, what a weapon! This is chaotic solo indie pop glam punk ass at it's finest. Local Fitzroy icon Rosco Elliott's alter-ego is straight up explosive and his live performances really turn heads. No elevated surface is safe!  Elliott fills the room with high-octane numbers performed from bar tops or scaled windows or as he leaps from high tables with complete disregard for his physical well being. His moody covers reveal palpable pathos, taking him from behind the piano to sliding four feet across the floor and more. A dynamic and captivating performer with songwriting chops to boot. Spike The River is one of the most unique and exciting acts to come out of Melbourne in the last few years.

Then we bring you sheer rawness and reverie from ...

BOXWARS, masters of the near perfect medium, cardboard, are back for their 13th, count 'em 13th Boogie Festival. That's right, these cardboard warriors haven't missed one Boogie to date! From a humble cardboard cricket match to next level extravaganzas that just keep getting bigger and better. Bringing to the battlefield everything from Ned Kelly to the Iron Chef, Battle Royale to the Blues Brothers, what will the artists of destruction come up with next? Whatever it is, as they set the stage to destroy it, no doubt they'll trump all previous incarnations and crafty creations.

And just when we thought things couldn't get any more Boogie, the Tallarook Massive have outdone themselves with the biggest most ambitious line-up of disco jockeys, shimmying dancers and hillbilly kweens! From early morning on the old tip truck to late, late, good times in the hallowed hillbilly love bowl, we got ancient seasoned wax spotters and fresh young buds, barely dropped from the cosmic tulips, lined up for you. We’ve crafted an enchanting and loving menu of musical was-beens and one-day will-bees for your three day Easter sanctification. The new dawn is about to break so will you just have a gander at who will guide you through the long nights of revelry and wonder.

Emerging star COLETTE is a bangin’ tune magician. With rare and eclectic musical taste derived from her Cape Town ancestry and a lifetime of involvement in the thriving hotbed that is the Melbourne scene, her selections traverse Funk, R&B, Dance, Hip Hop, Jazz and beyond. Emerging in 2015 as the DJ Melbourne didn’t know it needed, she fast became an important mainstay of the local scene. After delivering a universally acclaimed set at the impeccably curated 2017 Inner Varnika Festival she's held down support spots for the very best - Noname, The Internet, CC Disco’s infamous Club Coco - to name a few, ever since.

As host of the radio program ‘Opalakia’ on PBS 106.7FM, ADRIANA drops traditional and contemporary sounds from different planes of the world. Rhythms that evoke an astounding sense of belonging and oneness within. Beyond the airwaves, Adriana’s passion for music cannot be ignored. In her energetic DJ sets she explores global sounds, boogie, disco and everything in between - feeling, living and breathing every single beat she plays.

Rejoice Boogie sinners, the big guy ANDEE FROST, is back (again! and again! (and again?)). From the ghettos of Lilydale, the self-styled king of handbag gospel is coming down from the mountaintop to cleanse our battered ears at the Hillbilly Mardi Gras. What Boogie Sunday night would be complete without the big-hatted emperor of anthemic uplifted vinyl beats sanctifying all before him!? After all these years it's pretty much a residency right? Who needs nangs and poppers when Andee Frost is on da decks? Stick people come down from your trees and worship at the altar of Frostlington!!! The grand Poo-Bah of Melbourne's late night clubland is back. One more time with or without feeling!

Thought the Hillybilly stage couldn't get funkier!? THE SAUVIGNON FUNK DANCERS are back by popular and wildly intoxicating demand! Spawned from Boogie dust and Larry’s smile, Sav Funk rose like a wild-eyed phoenix out of the Hillbilly inferno. Baby did they burn. And baby will they burn again. Thrust into the limelight, the Sauvignon Funk dancers have been igniting dance floors with their cheap and fruity brand of disco/Latin/funk fusion ever since. This Boogie, let them go straight to your head and shimmy to the beat of your disco heart. Strap in, buckle up and get down. Sav Funk is coming. Again.

At the heart of any decadent gathering of gorgeous souls there always lies one common thread: that of an inherent desire to shake what your mama gave ya. With FAUX PAS NOIR, it goes without saying that with the first badonk of the 808 and tss of the divine high hat, they will give your mama a run for her money and probably looking more chic than we ever have. Fresh off the SS/2097 runway, Faux Pas Noir will take you on an impeccably styled journey of booty-bopping, hip-popping (slightly shocking) diva, delight, and deca-dance!!!

In dance music circles DJ MIKEY GOODFELLOW is well-admired for his technical skills, his far-out giant record collection and for being the mastermind behind the Legendary Hotbox Disco warehouse parties in Brunswick circa 2013. His mightily varied musical flavours and empathy with discerning crowds means he could play anything - from rockabilly or freaked-out punk to Detroit soul, R&B or Italian disco funk and he's not afraid to drop old rock/pop bombs - just cos he can… "Usually if more than half the crowd have stripped down to their underwear by mid-set then I know we're on the right path".

BT’S COUNTRY MOANINGS is back with the bangers to get your Boogie days rolling and to make the sunshine smell so much sweeter. Busting out hit after hit pick on 45s, early country and blues, sixties and seventies superstars, and rock n roll tunes that will ease the mind into the Boogie days ahead - from good ol’ Hank to Sir Douglas, Dylan to The Band, Muddy to early Stones and every West Coast tune that matters.

GLENNY G didn’t make a name for himself as one part of Triple R’s Infamous Best Of The Brat. He has however made a name for himself as the third greatest Boogie Stage Manager of all time. Glenny G has forced himself onto line-ups all over the world, playing party tunes or bizarre sets made up of only show tunes, from South Korea to South Melbourne, New York to Newtown, Glen Waverley to Glenorchy and now back at Tallarook.

For those who remember her in the wild times in the disco shearing shed, back in the day when we could fit most of boogie in there, we have some wondrous news … the return of the shimmering master of hula, MADDY HOOPS. The mesmerising and mystical gaia of gyration is back. See her and see YOU at the Hillbilly Sufi club!

For the first time ever, carnival comes all the way from Brazil and touches down with a shimmy and a strut in the sumptuous fields of our beloved Tallarook. HOTCAKES will be providing of a lavish, decadent affair, fresh from the gritzy streets of Rio...but be careful; if you get on her bad side her evil twin RED VINO will come through with sharpened claws and a quick wit to put you back in your handbag! A no-to-be-missed kiki with feathers, fur, and fierce gorgeyness.

Born and raised on acid country, DAVID HEARD has been hardworking and dedicated to the PBS airwaves for many years - bringing listeners the best in local and far flung country and roots every Thursday afternoon. A veteran of Boogie and the second oldest man on site (after Larry), he can be found doing marathon sessions in the clubhouse, asleep in the tipi, or up on the truck sharing his wealth of country wisdom and grace.

LARRY KRONICK JR is an old geezer who somehow performed at, and/or survived 25 years of the Big Day Out Lilypad, a dozen Fuji Rock Festivals, a lot of Boogies, as well as DJing a wedding in Tassie once. Pretty clapped out really but somehow manages to pull some bombs out of his arse once a year at a magical far away land called Hillbilly.

And very excitingly ...

Where were you when Piggy and Cow was first played at Boogie? If you didn’t see it live the first time it was played, at the Sunday morning BOOGIE KIDS EASTER CONCERT have you even lived???? Back due to relentless and completely overwhelming popular demand this Boogie Sunday, the Easter Concert to end all Easter Concerts, that’s right the Boogie Kids Easter Concert. In a clubhouse take-over, see the Boogie Kids shred, harmonise, roar, rap and rock out come Sunday morning. It only happens once a year. A not-to-be-missed experience showcasing Boogie’s future hit-machines! The concert will be followed by an encore performance by BUNNY RACKET!

THE OUTPOST makes a return up the Boogie hill. Catch Ginsberg on the breeze, or a few lines of Emily Dickinson amongst the trees, some Neruda with a view or possibly some Angelou with a side of good mates… come for the rad readings, stay for the company.

Get your Boogie mornings started each day with one of Boogie's oldest and most wholesome activities, ACID YOGA. Realign your chakras and extend your karmic energy … breathe in, breathe out, stretch and connect with your inner and outer self daily in front of the main stage.

Have you ever seen a Boogie legend and wanted to turn your admiration from afar into a new-found fandangled friendship? Then join us for SPEED FRIENDING on Saturday afternoon directly after Boxwars. Like speed dating, but for making new buddies! It’s all happening courtesy of Tell Your Friends You Love Them at the TELL YOUR FRIENDS YOU LOVE THEM DANCEFLOOR – look out for it, it’s bright, colourful and you can’t miss it!

This year the CLUBHOUSE goes deeper into Saloon mode. It’s getting a little extra neon glow as it transforms into BOOGIE STREET TAVERN, the country edit of, and a special one-off collaboration with, Abbotsford’s Lulie Street Tavern.

Venture in as the bar will be serving especially delish and exclusive sippers all weekend. Experience everything on the curated list including vinos (of the traditional and natural variety), punchy batches of cocktails to share, a few crafty tins and an exquisite whiskey selection.

There are some sweet treats on offer at Boogie Street Tavern too! On Friday and Saturday night HOT APPLE PIES come with specialty creams to hit the spot. Then on Sunday morning it all gets a bit fancy-pants with HIGH TEA and you should too! Join us for endless tea (a variation of endless Boogie), handmade French cakes and hot cross buns - all delivered with the finest Boogie hospitality.

Between bands, we'll be treated to tunes from living legend and Boogie Street Tavern DJ in residence, PBS’s Acid Country hero DAVE HEARD. There’ll be surprise guest DJ appearances throughout the weekend too …  you never know who’ll be spinning or bringing in their USB!? So pop in on the reg.

Further afield, get ready for our fine fare selection – with cuisine for every taste. The roll call includes our dear Brothers and sisters from BEATBOX KITCHEN and TACO TRUCK, plus the return of old favourites and good friends BLUE BONNET BBQ, SEXY SOUPS, SPARROW'S PHILLY CHEESESTEAKS, THE SMOOTHIE CO. and THE ICE CREAM SOCIAL. We got some new entries this year too. Please welcome to the fold the delicious HAPPY CAMPER, HAMSA HUMMUS BAR and LEONARD'S HOUSE OF LOVE. And finally, Limoncello’s redux, ROYAL ROAD will be bringing you coffee, bespoke pies and a range of yummy breakfasts every Boogie morning.

Then there’s the happy hours. And we got a few. In the morning taste the deliciousness and feel the revitalisation of our BOOGIE BLOODY MARYS from 10-11am. Then, come early evening, we welcome for the very first time, in honour of the great man himself, Boogie’s signature cocktail THE BRUZZY, with it's very own happy hour from 4-5pm. And of course, for the 13th year running, and without missing a beat, FRIENDY'S COCKTAIL BAR is back nightly from 5-7pm concocting, shakin’ and stirring the most downright enviable cocktails this side of the Goulburn Valley.

But it doesn't stop there. Got a late night hankering hunger? Head over to the Hillbilly cos there's soup for you. Go see the Big Hun at the LATE NIGHT SOUP KITCHEN for the most authentic and hearty Hungarian goulash and soups goin' round. Viva la Europa and all it’s delicious food!