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Boogie 14

Our Friend's Farm Tallarook, VIC | 2 -4 April, 2021

Line Up

So let's see which musical heroes will soundtrack our last waltz in the dust.


COOL ANNA * DJ POPSTAR * BITCH DIESEL DJ SET * DJAZ * LARRY KRONICK JR * BT'S COUNTRY MOANINGS and a possibly handful more special selectors to follow.


Count the days friends. Find gaps for the memories. Hold on tight to your ticket ‘cause we are SOLD OUT.


By her own proclamation, ANGIE MCMAHON is “90% spaghetti Bolognese” and “yells words at microphones” but we already knew she was the sauce and just wanna thank her for the immaculate noise. With an amazing voice, only surpassed by her lyrics and songwriting chops, she’s the twenty-something heroine you can relate to whose honest and engulfing songs talk about the important things that matter - life, love, and comfort food.

AUSECUMA BEATS are more than just a band. They are a philosophy. Led by fearless bandleader and master djembe player, Boubacar Gaye, the nine-strong ensemble, each a master of their own craft, with their own personal histories but part of the same musical family, demonstrate what happens when a group of artists come together based on an idea – in this case, the idea of place and transplanting different cultural heritages into one contemporary city.

Poised to stir the pot with their 2nd feature length offering BEANS are the Geelong based quintet whose first album in 2018 was described as a “serve of organ driven garage psych that’ll burn the roof of your mouth” – ouch! A vessel of kinetic energy, the band has made their name through the intensity of their live performances at festivals, in coveted support slots and at their own shows. This band is heavy in its lightness. It’s music drenched in toe-tapping grooves and melodic harmonies. And what do they hope to impart on their audiences? A nostalgic nod to times past, when we were “still in love with the world, with the radio on”.

Hit machines BITCH DIESEL are just a couple of broads chasing down fame and fortune in a liquor infused haze. Rarely late to a live performance, The three-piece punk outfit have been serving raw rock n’ roll to Melbourne since the bitter end of 2016 and have countless residencies, festival appearances, support slots and headline shows under their sequined belts. Their highly anticipated debut album 'Bitchcraft' is due to be immortalised mid-2021.

Now three albums deep, BONES AND JONES have moved away from what they describe as their "humble beginnings" as a 60s rock inspired group. While they maintain their knack for writing catchy pop tunes, the band have steered themselves towards a more mature sound; a brilliant integration of pop and rock that is uniquely their own, with a multi-genre fluidity that allows them to reach across diverse audiences of old and new music lovers.

Undeniably and effortlessly cool, with a high level of awesome, foursome THE BUSH make guitar music that’s oh so dreamy and oh so excellent. Mixing gentle guitars with a brazen attitude their songs of contemporary anxieties are delivered with a calm eloquence. Finding influence in the eucalyptic estuary of bright pop and nineties-inspired sounds, they do it all with a cheeky wink.

CABLE TIES are frenetic lead lines tethered to a hypnotic rhythm section. They take the 3-minute punk burner and stretch it past breaking point when the garage rock gives way and primitive boogie, kraut and post-punk take things way out to the horizon. After taking out best rock/punk album at this year’s Music Victoria awards via video link up, it’s even more special that they’ll be joining us IRL for the joyous rush of a trashing rock show at Boogie.

In Australian music’s new era CASH SAVAGE & THE LAST DRINKS are a much-admired heavy hitter. Led by their mighty frontwoman, whose potent lyrics and impassioned delivery - with heart and guts and grit - speak to the personal-political issues of the times and known for their epic live shows, they are a band at the height of their powers who have towered over festival audiences far and wide.

CHEEKY GEEZERS are Teddy Friend, Nick Costa and Rex Everett. The fiery fourteen-year-old trio recently debuted their raw power punk and Boogie will be the first festival gig for the young misfits - proving once and for all that age is no barrier when it comes to playing unadulterated rock’n’roll for the masses.

Everything good about Aussie music right now, young heavy trio CLAMM are riff-heavy thrashers who by way of unrelenting explosive power and mind-bendingly excellent driving and pummelling clangers touch on themes of anti-violence, materialism, mental health and the state of modern Australia. Collecting buzz and play across the airwaves and picking up some glowing reviews from across the world, sometimes you gotta believe the hype.

It’s been a quarter of a century since singer-songwriter/guitarist Ashley Naylor, drummer Matthew Cotter and bassist Wally Kempton came together as EVEN and first took the stage at North Fitzroy’s Empress of India Hotel. Seven studio albums later, the band have earned a solid reputation as one of the country’s most adored indie bands emerging from the ‘90s.

Originally from the Bellarine Peninsula, FENN WILSON is now Melbourne-based and writes and sings his own songs. A supremely talented vocalist and multi-instrumentalist, live and on record, he is mesmerising and magical. It’s so easy to get swept up in his heartfelt, bluesy beauty and the bare bones appeal and make it so much more powerful. Think beautiful sounds with lush strings, textured guitars and layered harmonies all with Fenn's incredible voice front and centre.

FLOODLIGHTS sound so damn good. If you heard them from across the street you’d make a beeline towards the sound just to bathe in the beautiful racket. Combining rough and ready rock with a decidedly country twang, Floodlights explore themes of culture and identity with meaning and sincere sentiment. Like so much good music right now, they provide a distinctive outlook on what it means to be Australian in 2021.

HAYLEY MARY is a wee pocket rocket with the voice of a giant angel. A bona fide persona with no shortage of past achievements, but they are not why we are here. Superstars live in the future. Bringing the songs off her recently minted debut solo EP to the Boogie stage, Hayley was born to sing, and that's what she's gonna keep doin’.

JAMES ELLIS & THE JEALOUS GUYS are at the forefront of the next generation of country music. One of Melbourne’s best-loved country and honky-tonk bands, their award-winning sound has seen them record and play between here and their second home Nashville. No stranger to stages across Melbourne they play all over the joint with weekly residencies and support all the big-name Americana acts that make their way to our shores.

KARATE BOOGALOO is the zany quartet whose immediately recognisable wonky style exists to remind us of the beauty of colouring outside the lines. Their unconventional funk is guided by a steadfast commitment to bending the rules and with a refined sense of inelegance and tongue-in-cheek humour they lean heavily on cinematic themes, breaks and library music to reimagine deep funk into something quite off-kilter.

KEE’AHN is a young year old Kuku Yalanji, Jirrbal and Badu Island singer/songwriter, with a name coming from the Wik people of Cape York meaning to dance, to sing, to play she honours her ancestors through vulnerable soulful melodies of identity, heartbreak and healing. Every sound and every grounding moment feels so special. Utterly enchanting, the energy, beauty and soul Kee'ahn brings sticks with you. Instant super-fans, form an orderly queue.

KING STINGRAY is a story of lifelong friendship, of two cultures coming together. From toddlers in the Yothu Yindi tour entourage in the 90s, to fully fledged Yothu Yindi members today, King Stingray sees Yirrnga Yunupingu and Roy Kellaway bringing surf, indie rock and funk influences to their Yolngu rock heritage. King Stingray is the children of the iconic Australian band Yothu Yindi and aim to continue the celebration of culture in Australia!

Narrowing down MILDLIFE into a genre is almost impossible, as they bond over the desire to push musical boundaries. No strangers to the Melbourne band scene, the four old friends have been drawing crowds through an epic journey at intimate venues and festivals for the best part of the last half-decade. With a tight live show bolstered by wild improvisation, they leave punters itching for more of their kaleidoscopic jams. They’re a cosmic funk house band for a party at the edge of the universe.

A saving grace in a world thrown into chaos, RVG are a band to believe in. A band that exemplify the thriving Melbourne music scene that refuses to be silenced. Since the critical acclaim and audience adoration of their first album RVG have made huge strides at home and internationally. On their recent and long anticipated first full-length release in three years, they perform the tricky alchemy of combining rock’s urgency, punk’s anarchy, and pop’s empathy to create music that feels vital. It channels the raw energy of despair and frustration into melodies that often feel victorious, perhaps only because they so aptly supply a soundtrack to the end of days.

THE VOVOS are a Melbourne band who met through Girls Rock! United by a love of all things music from Courtney Barnett to David Bowie (as well as noodles) and between the ages of 15 and 17 they write alt rock songs about being young and female and also occasionally about carnivorous plants. They’ve been playing together for two years, and their debut EP, Constructive Criticism, was released in February 2019.

Not long ‘til we Boogie on down people, so now is about the right time to let you know who’ll be spinning tunes in between bands to get you cutting shapes on the d-floor and what other magical surprises you might chance encounter along your Boogie journey. Once again Boogie serves up the sweetest line-up of love-fuelled disco jockeys, divine dancers, superb spectacles, light show sensations and late-night art extravagance.

From early morning on the old tip truck to late, late, glorious times in the usual and not-so-usual nooks of Our Friends Farms, we’ve got ancient, seasoned wax spotters and fresh young buds barely dropped from the cosmic tulips, lined up for you. The last waltz is upon us, so will you kindly take a moment to breathe in the wonder and revelry of our artisanal offering to sonically and artistically guide you through the long days and magnificent nights.

SOPHIE MCALISTER is no stranger to Melbourne’s music scene. For the past couple of years she's been liberally firing jams at dancefloors and music fans all over town, whether behind the counter at Northside Records, at her residency at Magnetic City or at countless other gigs. Calling Crown Ruler and Rhythm Section family she is a musical friend to all and will catch you off guard with a wink and a smile. Prepare yourself for some cosmic deep house, sassy disco sizzlers, and the polyrhythmic clicks of beautiful broken beats.

A self-proclaimed lifelong learner, LORI spends 100% of her time immersed in the choons. Whether belting out songs with no genre boundaries, digging for interesting breaks and soulful melodies or indexing the history of the world through a sonic encyclopaedia, every moment is dedicated to her love of music. Add to that lording it making tours and events happen, broadcasting on Skylab Radio and vocal collabs with some of the best – Hiatus Kaiyote, Silentjay, Kuzich (to name a few) – and you’ve got one fine purveyor of musical wonderment.

Hurtling down the highway from Brisvegas to show us how it’s done, COOL ANNA has packed her rekkids, a good sense of humour, some sure fire bangers, a ready to revel enthusiasm, and a desire to make ya shimmy and shake. With a cool head, a full heart, an innate intuition, and a seventh sense for the very best next track – she makes sound choice after sound choice about the next choice sound and it’s always the right decision. Cool by name and cool by nature she has her own style of who the duck knows - and whatever goes.

After slaying her debut and overcoming some technical difficulties during the Boogie 2020 attempt at some DJ livestream action we’re beyond ecstatic to play host to the first ever in-person set from bourgeoning talent DJ POPSTAR. Stepping out from the tutelage of one of Melbourne’s most-loved funk and soul selectors, Popstar takes that lifelong influence and makes it something all of her own adding a pop spin to create a truly unique combination. A pocket sized soul with a whole lotta love, she is beyond excited to play her first Boogie.

What sorcery is this? Lighting a fire on and under the DJ truck and shooting beams of awesome into the crowd BITCH DIESEL will be hitting decks to play some tracks that slap, love songs, and dedications, obscure dance hits you’ve never heard of and some rocking remixes to blow you mind. Think rad musical predilections and then times it by three and you’re not even close to the level of excellence that will be upon us. This is a DJ set for the ages. Get ready for the time of your life.

Always on form, DJAZ has been spinning heads and bangers in and around local inner-city pubs and bars for near on 10 years. That’s a lotta tune miles and a lotta good nights. She's a connoisseur of the sweet spot and feel good tunes. She lives to help you re-member forgotten moments. Through aural stimulation, she spins her magic and effortlessly imbues the jams you know and love with a brand new reminiscence. Boom!

LARRY KRONICK JR is an old geezer who somehow performed at, and/or survived 25 years of the Big Day Out Lilypad, a dozen Fuji Rock Festivals, a lot of Boogies, as well as DJing a wedding in Tassie once. Moonlighting as a crusader to save Mother Nature from the perils of our climate emergency (not all heroes wear capes), one worm at a time, he’s pretty clapped out really but somehow manages to pull some bombs out of thin air once a year at a magical faraway land called Boogie.

As always BT’S COUNTRY MOANINGS is back with the bangers to get your Boogie days rolling and to make the morning sunshine smell oh so much sweeter. Busting out hit after 45 pick hit – let the good times roll and the early country, blues, sixties and seventies superstars, and rock n roll tunes ease your mind into the Boogie days - think good ol’ Hank to Sir Douglas, Dylan to The Band, Muddy to early Stones and every West Coast tune that matters.

Plus maybe a few more superb selectors to be added ...

And introducing … the all-new ridiculously exciting and enchanting … THE FOREST OF COSMIC MISDEMEANOURS.

Everything’s changed and so have we. This year the Boogie Hillbilly Massive proudly presents a new late-night multi-dimensional experience in and around the legendary treeclad Hillbilly dirt-bowl.

THE FOREST OF COSMIC MISDEMEANOURS is a kaleidoscopic multi-sense experience that awaits you dear Boogie human! Prepare yourself for soundscapes, lightscapes, avant garde artistes, an outdoor cinema, a shearing shed full of surprises, all-night performances of every persuasion, and a lot of smoke and mirrors. Plus lasers, did we mention lasers???

Get ready to have your senses excited by everything from dance extravaganzas, makeshift catwalk prancing, psychedelic synth-harmonics, random operatics, marathon beatnik poetics, stick performances, birdsongs, fire, light, weird chanting, and possibly even a live-cross to a Russian arctic submarine. An all-night collective sharmanistic and shambolic cosmic sonic frolic awaits. Let the games begin!

… in no particular order and in no way exhaustive … prepare for the wonder of …

The experimental excellence of MYSHKA and their ambient theremin explorations. A mash-up of narrative cinema and experimental video work by MINIVA NANCARROW dripping with memory, technology and cycles. The improvisation of LUCY EIDELSON in a contemporary dance investigation of the quirky side of movement. Psychedelic sonics, both dark and mesmerising from Melbourne duo ICECLAW. The return of performance artist DOMENICO DE CLARIO in an all-night piano and vocal durational and marathonical happening. A beat-slam from BROTHER NUGGET, as The Outpost ventures down from its mountain hideaway for the first time in Boogie history. The hoopla of hoop loops from the rocket that is ANNA POCKET. A call out to all extroverts to peacock their way across GEORDIE'S G-WALK. Eight wheels of spins, crazy legs and backwards crosses from Boogie alum and Melbourne’s most smiley holy-roller HAYLEY HALO plus a bout of Mexican wrestling with her compadre and fellow long-time Boogie devotee JADESS.

All this and more will be cocooned in an ambitious atmospheric forest light-sound bath by AFFIF-MEMBERS & FRIENDS featuring SPOOKY GOODFELLOW, the Psychedelic Harmony Manipulator, who will lead us into this enchanted world through live mixed sounds of deep space, short wave surprises, obscure jungle bird song, icy plateaus, white noise, brown noise, blue noise, drones, gongs, bongs and lord knows what else!

Get planning, get ready, get excited. A few final need-to-knows coming your way in the next few days and we’ll be seeing you real, real soon.