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Boogie 11

Bruzzy's Farm, Tallarook - April 14, 15 & 16 - 2017

Line Up


Boogie People. Welcome to a new decade of decadence. Go one louder. Go hard. Don’t go home. Stay for three sexy nights.
Let’s hold hands and gather our thoughts and shake it loose together again this Easter in Tallarook. Magical musical times. 
Late night shenanigans. Fine food and booze selections. Be like Bruce Doull and let your head band and freak flag fly. Boogie 11. Unreal.

Playing times and program available right HERE.

For your musical experiences, please wrap your senses around this lot.


Blokes you can trust COSMIC PSYCHOS endure and re-toast their beer-soaked, bulldozer-fuelled pub anthems at every turn. Like a seemingly Dead Roo through the windscreen on a dark country road, Psychos continue to bounce back as grotty and unapologetic as ever. Their early adventures took them along the rock and roll highway, from downtown Kyneton in rural Victoria, into some of New York’s finest S&M parlours and the Seattle grunge scene. But perhaps their biggest reputation is their ability to drink pubs dry. In the early days word quickly spreading as a warning to other touring bands: “Never drink with the Psychos!” Hooray Fuck!

Philadelphia's STRAND OF OAKS (USA) is a sledgehammer of a band rife with unrestrained sonic expression who beautifully capture the loose, hedonistic vibe we’re all searching for. They made their way to Tallarook for their debut Boogie outing in 2014 as and blew everyone away with their harrowing rock 'n' roll transcendence and Boogie blew there minds straight back. Frontman Tim Showalter had a life-changing psychedelic experience that weekend so epic and affecting that it channelled itself into the song “On The Hill” on their just released album Hard Love. Unreal and true!

TYRANNAMEN stand for anthemic rock n roll music. If you stand for this too, don’t miss them at Boogie. A Melbourne 5-piece formed in 2010, their brand of rock n roll comes with soulful delivery, pop sensibility and buzzsaw guitars - a fusion that defines many of the best punk bands. Tyrannamen take that sound, deep fry it in blues and serve it greasy, Memphis style. They’ve spent a bit of time on the gig sidelines since forming, mostly due to a busy line up playing in a bunch of other bands but 2016 has been their busiest year yet with their first album release, a legendary Golden Plains set, closing Maggotfest and even a show at the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art.

SONNY & THE SUNSETS are a beautiful west coast thing. Birthed from the sand, the surf, and twilight campfires down in Ocean Beach, Sonny & the Sunset’s busted beach-pop songs spark recollections of doo-wop's otherworldly despair, a dose of goofball humour from the Michael Hurley school, and positive possibilities exuded by Jonathan Richman. Helmed by the singer/songwriter, playwright, author and onetime troubadour Sonny Smith, The Sunsets have featured a revolving door, and at Boogie will feature a very local band of brothers Steph Hughes (Dick Diver, Boomgates) and Mark Monnone (Tim Richmond Group, Mighty Duke & the Lords).
ENDLESS BOOGIE. It’s what we want, in more ways than one. They’re a real rock and roll band. So good that when they came to Boogie last year, we made them play twice because their style of blast never ever get old. This time round they’re bringing Matt Sweeney into the gang. When it comes to Endless Boogie there’s no point to making comparisons to other musical prophets because at the end of the day it’s the sonic stats left on Endless Boogie’s page of the Rock & Roll Almanac that tell their story. We’re not licensed shamans but these ears don’t lie. Play on, we don’t mind.

JEN CLOHER spent almost a decade as one of the country’s best folk-leaning singer-songwriters but in 2013 that all changed. The release of In Blood Memory marked a new era for the artist. Backed by an all-time trio (Courtney Barnett, Bones Sloane and Jen Sholakis), post-2013 Cloher is grittier, groovier, more beautiful and more devastatingly honest than ever before. And her new direction earned her a shortlisting for that year’s Australian Music Prize - rightfully so. She’s working on a new album at the moment too, so expect more of the good stuff from her in 2017 and aside from all that she’s perpetually killing it with her label Milk! Records.

JONNY FRITZ is a man whose hard work and boldness have paid off in spades. With well over a decade of touring under his belt (since his late teens), he’s grown into an accomplished, mature voice in country music who beautifully balances an earthy trademark humour and unfiltered worldview. Jonny can turn phrases 'til you’re dizzy, all while plucking your heartstrings or capturing a sharp, lonesome vulnerability that never seems lost or brooding. For Jonny Fritz is no tear-in-the-beer sap moaning over his lost love and troubles. He’d rather cry running marathons than sitting on a barstool. Rather than Outlaw Country, he prefers we think of him as “someone’s weird Dad” and a musician of his own bent.

LOST ANIMAL comes from the masterminds of Intercontinental duo Melbourne's Jarrod Quarrell and LA's Shags Chamberlain, sonic explorers who use an epically evocative sound palette to paint magnificently catchy pop songs that give a slow-burning nod towards the ecstatic. This is music that grapples with contradiction and comes at you in layers: familiar, then mysterious; catchy, then saturated and always super atmospheric. They made serious waves with their first release Ex Tropical and just dropped a new one You Yangs fully loaded with their expansive drone soundscapes, abstract textures and booming rhythms.

THE SUGARCANES are a pretty damn vibrant rock n roll ensemble. Bringing raw energy and power to their live shows this ain’t no suburban retro-soul review. The Sugarcanes have bred something all of their own, creating a modern rock n roll take on the classic heartbroken genre. Formed by brother and sister Jack and Lucy Wilson, the five-piece band has been tearing up rooms since early 2014, captivating audiences across Australia with Lucy’s powerful voice which lilts and belts with equal force. Some bands pack a room, some bands pack a dance floor, and very occasionally you find a band that does both.

It’ll be 11 golden years since legendary Swamp Fox, Mr TONY JOE WHITE played to a modest gathering at the first ever Boogie. Since then, as Boogie’s grown, we’ve welcomed him back every other year. A man literally born for the blues, part-Cherokee, he was brought up as part of a big brood on a cotton farm in Louisiana and raised on a diet of Lightnin’ Hopkins and local bluesmen. To this day his upbringing is reflected in his evocative, haunting music and adds a veneer of authenticity to everything he touches. Seven decades deep into a mighty career he’s still playing great and continues to make new music. See the magic again This Boogie, or feel it for the first time.

Charismatic slacker-pop quintet SCOTT AND CHARLENE’S WEDDING are back on Aussie soil after spending a decent part of the last while deep in world domination aka touring the globe and are bringing their grunge-inspired heart-on-your-sleeve rock songs, about the trials and tribulations of everyday life, live and direct to our Boogie world. By the time Easter hits they will have dropped a brand new record, for the first time in three years, fully laden with Dermody’s straight talking lyrical reflections on home life, keeping up the pace and missed opportunities – all encased with his usual contempt with a good dose of the band’s signature jangly riffs.
Four best friends - Pencil, Jake, Teddy and Jarleth formed THE RUMINATERS in 2011. Their meandering sound through the fields of rock isn’t easily categorised but has been described, amongst other things, as London Calling-era Clash fused with The Strokes. They’ve called themselves the whitest boys around playing psycho playful garage love outta Sydney and psycho-playful is a good way to describe them. With a new record just out, including sweet tunes like Psychopathic Brain Explosion, these guys have a lesson or two to teach us all about not taking shit too seriously whilst being super fucking awesome, sounding mint and having a pretty good time doing it!

Sydney four-piece FLOWERTRUCK are a powerhouse of emotions. Drawing influences from the likes of Talking Heads, The Smiths and The Go-Betweens, their modest melodies and honest songwriting is instantly catchy and moving. From humble beginnings as a drum-machine centred two-piece they expanded into a full, four-piece pop outfit adding drums and synth. Their sound has been described as ‘garage pop-rock’ – proof that the everyday chaos of the Sydney’s Inner West sweats from their pores. The gem of these guys lies in their live performances and there’s no doubt they’ll continue to churn out lovable firecrackers well into the foreseeable future that perfectly balance an infectious combination of witty cynicism with laid-back, guitar led instrumentals.

Brat punker SUSS CUNTS started making sound pretty great noise around Melbourne about a year ago, playing a bunch of shows at all the well-loved rooms round town. Then in the middle of the year they released a debut self-titled EP – which is totally solid and not suss at all. Lovers of Nippy iced chocolate and fans of good mates they play straight up music and they’re the money. Listen to Suss Cunts, have a dance, have a laugh and think about your life.

Born and raised in Florida, JOSHUA HEDLEY asked for a fiddle at age three, by nine his folks conceded, by 10 he was playing around town and by 14 he was recognised as one of the top fiddle players in all of Southwest Florida. After a youth spent at school during the days and gigs well into the nights he decided his time was best spent honing his craft and he was right. By age 19 he was known all over Florida as one of the top instrumentalists and male vocalists in the state. That year move to Nashville, TN and hasn't looked back since.  In 11 years as a Nashville musician he has been a mainstay in all the legendary honky tonks and has played with countless top musicians, most notably with Jonny Fritz pushed him to pursue a career as a singer and songwriter and with the greats like George Jones and Merle Haggard in mind, Joshua plans to take over the world with his own brand of traditional country music.

In late 2010 Friends James, Tom and Dylan Lieberman formed KRAKATAU with a common interest in the freeform side of late 60s and early 70s psychedelic music, progressive rock and keyboard dominated soundtrack music. As time passed their influences shifted toward the direction of long form jazz composition, minimal music and more progressive leftfield sounds. While influenced by a large amount of music from the past - having always been a performance-based group they artfully apply these influences with a self-aware modern ear that creates music far more than just mimicry and simulacra.

Harking from the Victorian Goldfields, FREYA JOSEPHINE HOLLICK is as prolific a singer as she is a songwriter. Each show she plays introduces new material written on the quiet front porch of her country home. Well versed in all kinds of music, she’s followed a path back to a time that holds true to her voice, song writing and story. Her live performances are often candid; her banter between songs more of a refreshingly honest and often darkly humorous account of her lived experience as a single mother and the loneliness, difficulty and beauty of it all. She’s equal parts haunting, powerful and fragile, truly unlike any other and one that is of another time.

Melbourne’s Own CROP TOP is angry pop for the midriff punk. They’re a strong hug from your best friend and an aggressive middle finger to your coffee swillin’ boss. They’re sweet but assertive; a candy heart printed with ‘Go Away’. Within their preferred two-and-a-half-minute format they deliver melodic punk burners you can shout along to. Their garage punk tinged with pop fuzz and harmonies careens back and forth between Bogan to beautiful and manages to both scream at your face and kiss it at the same time. Grab a servo coffee and enjoy. Once you Crop Top you can't stop.

Preston is so much more than a Courtney Barnett song – it’s also the hometown of RVG, a fantastic band that take a spark to jangle pop, and electrocute it into its grandest evolution yet. There’s something here that’s more earnest than your average band singing about the dole, and it’s that quality that graduates RVG into a band that would make Yo La Tengo proud. Although only two songs deep into their careers, RVG will already impress the hell out of anyone with two ears and a craving for great pop.

Melbourne fretwizard GREGOR makes eccentric, inquisitive home recordings recalling Durutti Column, Arthur Russell or Talking Heads, then plays them live with a four-piece band. It’s super fun DIY indie-awesomeness at its best. His songs range from brief song sketches to 7 minute, three-part instrumental opuses. There are echoes of Durutti Column or Talking Heads, but Gregor has a voice all his own – gentle, wide-eyed and slyly humorous.

Having started jamming in their Hobart share house amidst excessive musical gear in early 2015 where they honed a unique sound, three friends had a hazy conversation that led to the formation of A. SWAYZE & THE GHOSTS. Isn’t that always the way? Since then they’ve been blazing up the Tassie scene and beyond, they’re an unrelenting and uncompromising punk/garage outfit with live show that will leave you shocked and stunned. There’s a heap of raw talent and even more potential in this band, whose members are all from different Hobart-based bands and whose various influences include previous band ventures, old rock, punk, lo-fi and all the shit that surrounds them.

DAN BAIRD & HOMEMADE SIN (USA). My honey, my baby. Straight outta The South, we present the most hard rockin' combo you ever may see. It’s Dan Baird and the Homemade Sin. Prepare to be entranced by the God-given power of good ol’ fashioned rock’n’roll on their first ever tour of Oz. For the uninitiated, Dan Baird is the singer of legendary 80’s/90’s act The Georgia Satellites. This new (but by no means untested) four-piece outfit features Jason & The Scorchers legend Warner Hodges on guitar. These blokes will make you shake your tail feather like it’s on fire. Draw a line from Lynyrd Skynyrd to Tallarook, ‘cause heeeeeeere come the Boogie.
OH PEP! OOOOHHHHHHHHHHH PEP! These two are right stunners. Ethereal folk rock. Sometimes foot-stomping, somewhat heart-breaking. These glorious Melburnians have been on tour in the US lately, after buddying up musically with no less than The Mountain Goats, Nathaniel Ratecliff and Lord Huron. They even played an NPR Tiny Desk Concert not too long ago (cool, right?). The talking heads worldwide have called their debut LP alternately "miraculous" (Paste Magazine), "instantly captivating" (Stereogum ) and "filled with magic" (NPR). Heck, that’s good enough for us. Don’t miss your chance with Oh Pep! Lots of instruments, more good feels.

JARROW. Footscray is on the up and up, Melbournites. And with it rises 20-year-old wunderkind Jarrow (Dan Oke, as he’s known to his Ma). Makin’ waves in the industry like a regular hurricane with his earnest but jovial sound, it’s like he’s swallowed the souls of Ariel Pink, Mac Demarco, The Shins, Ty Segall, Darwin Deez and The Strokes. We’re into puzzles, so song titles like $$ Spoilers $$ and danoke69@hotmail.com sit pretty well with us. He pinned his spot-on self-produced sounds as "garage rock meets indie pop meets post punk meets free jazz” and while he was being tongue in cheek at the time, he's actually not that far off. So yeah, you’re probably going to wave your arms in the air and spin around in a circle with your eyes closed. Cuddle a stranger. That kind of thing. Bliss central. Welcome, Jarrow.
DRUG SWEAT. Good name. Better tunes. Drug Sweat are comprised of four intrepid but charming gentlemen from Melbourne. The astute gig-goer will recognise them from such Melbourne stalwarts Hierophants, RVG, Barbiturates and Ooga Boogas. Catch ‘em artfully dishing out the sleazy disco beats and high-torque riffage, wrangling them into the most humid boogie party around. Yes, they do know how to have a good time. Yes, you can have one with them. Get your feet in the meat.
BABY BLUE. Baby Blue was was born at Boogie 9, when Fabian and Rhea were intoxicated and full to the brim with good vibes. They spoke of guitars and melody whilst scheming a grand master plan to play music together and to one day play at Boogie. Now, two years later: IT IS HAPPENING. Think a blissful festival-born marriage of 60’s rock, folk, psych and pop dreaming up sombre murder ballads and beachy harmonies. They can't wait to leave it all on the dance floor at Boogie and shake it loose with you.
Now, just you hold it right there. It's not all just main stage action. Between bands, the Boogie Truck DJs will keep the day’n’night goin’ long and strong, with all the good sounds of tomorrow and today, and often yesterday. Meanwhile, over the hill and late into the night, a fine assortment of Melbourne and the universe’s finest will grace the Hillbilly Stage and take you almost ‘til dawn. 2017 MVP’s include...

DJ ANDEE FROST. Rejoice Boogie sinners, the big guy is back (again and again and again!). From the ghettos of Lilydale, the self-styled king of handbag gospel emerges from the mountaintop to cleanse our battered ears at the Hillbilly Mardi Gras. What Boogie Sunday would be complete without the hatted emperor of anthemic, uplifting vinyl beats? He sanctifies all before him! Who needs nangs and poppers when Andee Frost is on da the decks? Stick people: descend from your trees and worship at the Altar of Frostington! One more time, with or without feeling! The Grand Poobah of Melbourne late night clubland is back. Brasher, bolder and bigger than ever!

DJ MANCHILD knows a thing or ten about The Funk. His lifelong mission to find DAT FUNK and bring it to you, stops at Boogie for one heady night. He’s scoured dusty basements and garages from Abidjan to Tokyo to Mumbai. Nothing will stop him in his pursuit of The Funk. He happily gives up food for The Funk. He would gladly sell his body for The Funk. He will laugh in the face of danger and charge headlong into the jaws of ruin all for The Funk. For the love of god, get this man a PA and bow before his action!
DJ RAINBOW TROUT is a dedicated digital crate-digger and weaver of unlikely tapestries of psychedelic, garage, mod, funk, disco, beat, blues, synth and surf sounds from all corners of the planet. Live shows often induce wild and writhing, boogie shakedowns, elaborate sets and costumes. A seasoned performer at Dark Mofo's Blacklist, MONA FOMA, Rose Quartz Festival, Moon Palace, A Festival Called Panama,The Curtin, The Old Bar and regular guest spottos on PBS and RRR. Very nice.
DJ MERMAID is a fiery staple on Melbourne rock’n’roll scene. Swinging, kickin’ resident Cherry Bar DJ since 2011 her name is synonymous with the world renowned rock venue. Never is there an empty dance floor, table top or a strand of hair unflicked once this true legend drops the needle on tunes hoppin’ from Grace Kelly to GOD.
DJ GINGER LIGHT. This sassy 60’s Glamazon is passionate about 50’s and 60’s blues, r’n’b, soul, gal groups and French classics. A killer combo of beauty and brains, Ginger Light serves up bangers that’ll make you swoon. Maybe have a little smooch. Gingers set at Boogie is dedicated to her lover the late Rosco “The Electric Mudcat”. Ol' Mudcat played the first tunes at the first ever Boogie. Rosco and Ginger’s love affair began with their love for music, records and good times. The music lives on since his passing, and the tunes during this very magical Boogie set is dedicated to the life of our mate, the Great Man, The Electric Muscat.
JAMES ‘The Hound Dog’ YOUNG is a rock’n’roll DJ’in ICON. No introduction needed, really. Spent twelve years on Triple R. Six years on the decks at infamous Chasers rock night ‘Outlaw Hard n Fast’. These days we all know and love him as the big-cheese at Cherry Bar, owning and booking its hallowed (dark) walls. Quite the resumes. His dream has always been a Boogie slot. It’s taken 11 solid years for the torch to be lit and the bells to toll. Let there be RAWK.
!BREECHBOY! !Breech Boy! is an idea. !Breech Boy! is an energy. !Breech Boy! is a goddamn way of life! Cannot be arrested, cannot be killed. Breech Boys and Breech Girls get around this positive creatin, positive contribution. Mysterious as hell and one stupid good time, just get thee down there and show us your best Boogie spirit.
LARRY KRONICK JR. This old geezer somehow performed at, and/or survived 25 years of the Big Day Out, a dozen Fuji Rock Festivals, a lot of Boogies, and (most impressively) once DJ’in a wedding in Tassie. Pretty clapped out these days, as you’d imagine, but somehow the tunes just get better each year! Not much to add really. Kaftan and understand. The proof is on the wooding.
BT’S COUNTRY MOANINGS. Saturday AND Sunday morning coming down. Always. Long, hard, sad, lonely, yet spiritually uplifting in every minor key on every heartache song. Let these classic 45s from a bygone era start your dreamy Boogie day. Grab a Bloody Mary, put something in your mouth, and prepare your soul for your new daily life. From Hank to Neil and Patsy to Linda. Country twang and rockers to get your Boogie days moving and a shakin'!

OK, on top of all the excellent musical pals already announced, we have one last ripper to add. Please welcome SENEGAMBIAN JAZZ BAND. Who? What? We are Boogie. We are multi cultural. We rock. We roll. We shake to the cultural sounds of Africa. We rejoice in the cross pollination. These cats are going to end your main stage Boogie Sunday on a most joyous high. Be ready.

Of course no Boogie is complete without a visit from our cardboard buddies, BOXWARS. This year’s extravaganza is a solid paper sensation celebrating, or mimicking, or deconstructing the one and only Ned Kelly and his gang. Apparently he once rode through the Tallarook region so expect high feelings on Boogie Saturday arvo in the main arena. An elongated story followed by a battle for the ages right before you eyes. Blood will be shed, supremely will be sort. Prepare troops, prepare.

Feeling a bit stiff yet enlightened in the morning? Well we need your mind, body and spirt down in front of the stage for ACID YOGA. Yes, it’s back! The sexiest, most chilled stretch of your weekend from 8am each day in front of the stage.

Need some respite from the sun or moon? The BOOGIE CLUBHOUSE is just the place. Performances from MATT SWEENEY, BITCH DIESEL, STRAND OF OAKS, JONNY FRITZ & JOSHUA HEDLEY. Speed dating, high tea, whisky bar, evangelical DJ sets by PBS’s DAVE HEARD, we got it all. Sit up or lay back in Buzzy’s actual furniture! The footy might be on too. This hot spot often turns into quite the rager at certain points over the weekend. Come and add to the colour within.

Now whilst Boogie is a very grown up event, we do have some kids present, so as David sang “Let All the Children Boogie”. Sunday morning we will be letting them run wild in the annual EASTER EGG HUNT. And for something new, we have created a space for all future rock stars to customise kid size guitars and then take part the inaugural BOOGIE JR. AIR GUITAR SPECTACULAR.

We’re pretty pleased with this sweet line-up of musical wonders band-wise and the excellent listening times ahead.

Can’t wait to turn it up with you again this Easter.

Love, Boogie.