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Boogie 13

Our Friend's Farm Tallarook, VIC | 19 - 21 April, 2019

Line Up

The first rays of light on Boogie's new dawn ...


KURT VILE & THE VIOLATORS. Arguably one of the most profound and humble artists to surface in the past decade. The wise, laconic jive-talkin’ guitar god and Philly native has clocked some serious miles since his first release went gang-busters three years ago. So between stages, highways, studios and airplanes, it’s taken some time for him to grant us his latest release. Bottle It In echoes where he’s been and who he’s been with - all laced in the swagger of time, distance and lived experience – written and recorded here, there and everywhere and converging in some seriously meandering monster jams.

After blasting their way through hundreds of shows off the back of their first release, time on the road has made NATHANIEL RATELIFF & THE NIGHT SWEATS looser, louder and an even tighter and more vigorous music machine. And Tearing at the Seams shows us exactly how far they’ve travelled. Whilst grounded in old-school soul and R&B, what sorcery this is! It’s far too urgent for any retro or revivalist tags and comes with a badass rating of 11 out of 10. This band delivers emotional-collectively-created jams that leave you feeling like music really can save us. This band is something to behold.

Get this in ya. Sunny Coast three-piece pub punk band THE CHATS love beer, but they’re still pretty young so their hangovers aren’t that bad. They’re best known for their song “Smoko” and its clip that went unexpectedly viral. Becoming an overnight global phenomenon and support slots on tours with Cosmic Psychos, QOTSA plus a string of international dates, thanks to their sheer Australian-ness – means they’ve barely had a chance to take one themselves. Back home, they’ve still only played a few festivals and it’s all pretty new. But demand is high. They’re taking it all in courtesy of an extensive upcoming headline tour across Oz, as well as a bunch of festival dates to boot, which will have ‘em primed to crack one open by the time they make it down to Boogie town.

Melbourne’s low-fi, slacker-fuzz-pop dream band JADE IMAGINE was destined for greatness from the beginning. Their 2017 release What The Fuck Was I Thinking was a love letter bathed in the glow of 70s surf-music. Their front babe and brains, singer, songwriter and general good vibe bringer Jade McInally has been a stalwart of the indie scene since circa 2004 and in 2015, courtesy of both nudges from friends and her own innate instinct, she knew it was time to be ringleader of her own band of musical-mischief makers once again. Bringing together a super talented band to boot, all so distinct in their style and playing, it’s been a sun-drenched day dream ever since.

SHOGUN & THE SHEETS is the brand-new band from ex-Royal Headache frontman Shogun. But don’t expect Royal Headache 2.0 though. This new band is a crystallisation and evolution of Shogun as a musician and songwriter. Drawing on his own experiences of addiction, hurt and hope. This is Shogun’s musical aspiration emboldened and sharpened with a band comprised of teenage friends and some of the best musicians they've met along the way; in Shogun’s own words, they’re, “a band who are versatile and play like motherfuckers” providing a new platform for one of the most celebrated voices of underground music in Australia.

Fearless and unapologetic when it comes to taboo subjects GOONS OF DOOM believe in love and aliens and ghosts and beer and funerals and goth moths and they deliver with Black Skull Bong, their most politically sensitive record to date. These four mad cunts from Sydney’s Northern Beaches (who all moved to Bangalow four years ago to invest in medical marijuana crops) are back and all grown-up, ready to surprise you with songs and poetry in the key of total fucking awesomeness. What else can we tell you about this record? Well, only that your favourite Aussie bands have already heard it and love it.

LEAH SENIOR transfixes audience with the familiar and peculiar, the poetic and the plain. With an otherworldly presence, unique lyricism and dynamics are all over the place; she’s a folk diviner. A dream reviver. Her delicate awe-inspiring, understated sounds and talent take her all about this town and across the seas too. Her last album Pretty Face was solid gold amongst Flightless records’ jewels and she lent her voice to King Gizz’s apocalyptic Murder of The Universe album as the omnipresent female oracle, a folk island in a sea of psychedelia, no less. Expect new music very soon and a spellbinding performance with full band on the Boogie stage. Gonna be real special.

Scott Kannberg aka SPIRAL STAIRS is best know as both a founding member and guitarist in Pavement and the head of Preston School of Industry. It’s been eight years since he released any new music, but you can’t hurry genius – not even the genial, unforced and unpretentious genius that has long been Scott’s forte. What’s for sure is his second album as Spiral Stairs, Doris And The Daggers has been worth the wait. It’s some of the best music Scott’s been involved with, and also some of the most personal and emotional music he’s ever written. His unerring knack for tuneage is as embraceably familiar as a beloved sweater. These songs are full of life, stories engagingly told, and a sense of affection for everything that happens within them.

Though Australian songwriter LAURA IMBRUGLIA has been releasing records since the early naughties, with three squared away and an impressive touring CV, she’s has been quiet on the music front for the last half-decade or so. But now she’s well and truly back in the world of music. The restless musician with broad tastes from folk to throat-tearing punk, dark country, psychedelic rock and everything in between has already put two track off the new record out into the world and the killer backing band she’s assembled to bring these songs to life simply slay. This taste is just glimpse at the awesome to follow on the full album - which will have hit the streets in all its glory by the time Boogie rolls around.

Without a doubt, the seven-piece making the most waves in the Melbourne funk soul music scene right now is FULTON STREET. Their combination of commanding Chaka-meets-Amy vocals, a rock solid rhythm section and dynamic horns, classic elements of soul and R&B and magnetic energy create an irresistible and original sound. Cutting their teeth with a residency at Cherry that was solidly attended for three years running and then their hotly anticipated first album, Problems & Pain, chock full of sass, sensuality and social conscience (and an album launch that was packed to the rafters) it’s any wonder they don’t have time to stop as they hit stages and makes asses move all around the place.

Born out of the ashes of Big Star, arguably the greatest cult band of all time, Memphis local VAN DUREN joined forces with ex-members Chris Bell and Jody Stephens to form a band and become regulars on the Memphis bar circuit. In little time they garnered the attention of Rolling Stones manager, Andrew Loog Oldham who then took on their management in the mid-70s. Van Duren was tipped to be the next Paul McCartney but then faded into obscurity leaving behind only a legacy of setbacks and heartbreak. This is a rare chance to hear the lost music that should have helped define a whole generation.

Indie-pop-folk band THE SMALLGOODS sprouted originally from the verdurous south-western Victorian hinterlands in the late 90s and established themselves quickly in the Warrnambool pub scene. The band of handsome scruffs re-stumped in Melbourne, played to wide-eyed new fans at home and abroad and released a generous handful of critically-touted CDs (yes it was the early 00s). Their crafty knack for song writing and their heavily melodic and harmony-laden sound propelled them into the country’s premier venues and into support slots alongside the best international acts. In 2012 they sadly disbanded, perhaps too heavily bound by their blithe nature to ever come into cooee of their true dangerous potential but now it's time to bear witness to their return.

HEXDEBT is one of the most unprecedented bands in Australia. Since their start from a Brunswick lounge room in early-mid 2016, they made a thundering entrance into Melbourne’s underground music scene. They’ve been a driving force in awesomeness ever since. Renowned for their masterful blend of post-punk, jazz and poetry, they hold the tension between tightly refined technical nous, chaotic discordance and balance between both with ferocious confidence. They nailed it when they executed HEXFEST, a formidable event on how they envision the music scene - safe and welcoming, encouraging and empowering for all and with super rad artists. We can’t get enough of them.

Formed in 2009 CONSTANT MONGREL begun as a two-piece creating immediate and at times improvised songs in an old dishevelled laundry in inner-city Melbourne. Inspired by the more flamboyant side of protopunk such as Electric Eels and Chrome, over the next few years, the band added members building upon their intense sound and developing a unique humour. This not some permanent life support-revival loop for the genre, this punk is now. Consisting of members from Terry, Woollen Kits, Nun and Taco Leg, they have a new release out, Living in Excellence, to add to a swag incredible previous releases.

GRINDING EYES are a quartet that sounds like The Velvet Underground and The Brian Jonestown Massacre got together and had a stoner rock lovechild. Or perhaps like the bastard offspring of Sonic Youth and My Bloody Valentine. Or krautrock, grunge, 60s acid flashback psychedelia, drone rock, ambient garage punk, jazz-master fuelled proto-punk beauty, late 60s Floyd space-rock, a cacophonous loveliness interjected with dense slabs of fuzz-laden power chords punctuated by sheets of Wah noise. Whatever you call them, they’ve played their uniquely dark soundscape shows with swagger and waves of sound like a tower of obsidian black noise with a bunch of notable bands, too many to name here and they’re fucking awesome.

King Bunny is a guitar-wielding, skateboard-riding, nature-loving rabbit with a passion for playing rock 'n' roll ... LOUD. He yearns to bring positive, age-appropriate rock 'n' roll to the younger generation of bunny racketeers and his outfit BUNNY RACKET has seen him lay down tracks deep in the desert at Brant Bjork's Joshua Tree studio, with a studio line up that included Robby Krieger (The Doors) on lead guitar and the legendary Sam Cutler (The Rolling Stones and Grateful Dead Tour Manager) joining with some spoken word. King Bunny likes to travel the open highways in his old van, seeking collabs, sharing inspiration and knowledge and rocking out. No parents allowed.